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When you invest in Real Estate it is not all about finances, location or quality of construction. It’s also about ensuring the good management of your property, which cannot be improvised overnight and requires the services of a professional property management company.

Since we opened our agency in 1997, we have successfully specialized in private property management, making sure they are well maintained and provide a good rental yield.

We also have a solid experience in managing co-owned residences in this country, taking care of day-to-day running, whilst maintaining a close relationship with owners and residents.


Private Administration

Personalized Assistance


private property management Cabarete


The Property Management company’s mission is to preserve the value of the owner’s investment, save time and earn money by renting his property. Currently, our portfolio includes almost 100 apartments, villas, and commercial premises.

We put our clients needs first. To make sure that your assets are in good hands, we make sure that we’re familiar with each client’s unique administration needs.

Thanks to our knowledge of local practices, we save you time by avoiding all the constraints of direct contact with employees and service providers. We take care of paying your bills and keep your accounting up to date.

Do you want to rent your property? We can help you get the best returns on your rental property possible.  As property management specialists, we take care of all the inconveniences that come along with renting out your place. Our expertise in this area allows us to select the most reliable clients.

Our advertising channels and social media profiles generate ample leads to keep your rental full for as long as you want! We have a long history of working with renters in the area and guarantee a selection of only the most reliable tenants. 

Each rental is assigned a single point of contact and concierge service that ensures a quality experience for every client. It´s the extra attention to details we provide that helps keeps tenants happy. 

From a distance, you will always appreciate knowing that your property is in hands of an experienced specialist with whom you can communicate in complete transparency.

And if you want to come to stay at your place, no problem! We’re experts at scheduling and always just a call away. Just hand us the keys and we´ll take care of the rest.

Condominium Administration

Our Team cares about your Quality Living


The trustee is the agent of the co-owners of a residence and must fulfill several missions. He represents the co-ownership and deals with its administrative and financial management. He is also responsible for maintaining the building and executing the decisions taken at the general meeting while enforcing the co-ownership rules. 

For many years our property management company has been or is the administrator of several important condominiums in Cabarete, the most renowned are Ocean Dream, Ocean One, and Olas de Oro. We have a specific branch, Cab Admin, which is exclusively dedicated to condominium administration.

Over the years, we have established special relationships with the various players in this market, thus constituting a complete and reliable address book for suppliers, service providers, employees, legal and administrative advisers.

In addition, we have a team of people who have been working with us for a long time. With this solid experience, we are always able to study any new service request. Do not hesitate to contact us. ([email protected]).


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